Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To have faith is to ensure victory.

Message for the day 25-07-2012
To have faith is to ensure victory. 

Projection: To believe in one's own victory is to give ourselves the wings and the strength to fly. With just this belief we will have the courage to work on our obstacles with ease and win over them. 

Solution: Before I restart anything that I had failed in before or even when I start a new important task, I need to make sure that I tell myself that I am victorious. When I remind myself again and again that 'victory is my birthright', I will automatically get the courage to succeed. 

Soul Sustenance 25-07-2012

Being a Lighthouse For The World (Meditation) 

Sit in silence and visualize the following thoughts: 

In a deep meditative state see yourself sitting in front of the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Being of Light, in the soul world. I a point of light, experience golden rays of spiritual light and bliss descending on me... and through me into the whole world (globe) below... I feel these rays charging the atmosphere with vibrations of purity, love and spiritual calm... I am bathing in golden light... strong currents of spiritual might are radiating from me in all directions... I am a spiritual lighthouse... I have the deep realization of being separate from my body. .. I feel that I am a brilliant point of light with rays of very high intensity bursting and darting forth from the soul for the service of the whole world. .. There is no feeling of my body and no conscious thought except that of being absorbed in the peace and bliss of the Supreme’s love... I feel completely filled and that I have obtained the ultimate... the final and highest destination – satisfied that through this stage of fulfillment, I serve others. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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