Thursday, July 5, 2012

To have a big heart means never to be disheartened.

Message for the day 05-07-2012

To have a big heart means never to be disheartened. 

Projection: To have a big heart means to have good wishes constantly for others and to enable others to move forward through this. Even if someone with negative characteristics comes in front, there are no feelings of negativity as there is the power to accept and recognise their specialities. 

Solution: I am able to be beyond confusion and doubt when I have a big heart. I am never caught up with the problems but am very easily able to find a way out. I am never disheartened even when I encounter the negative aspect of someone. Instead I am able to very effectively and smoothly come out of the situation. 

Soul Sustenance 05-07-2012

The Fifth Phase/Age Of Humanity (cont.) 
When we recognize the precise and exact nature of cyclic time, we can also joyfully expect and work for a new day or the Golden Age. For this to happen, great changes must take place in human affairs. It is a process of change that can only begin from within the individual. Just as we have been responsible for the degradation of the physical environment, of our world, so it is we who must take up the repairs. When we understand that all change is from soul to mind, from then from mind to body or matter we realize that it is our own spiritual awakening and purification which can change our world at all levels. As we turn to face the Source of love and light and fill ourselves with spiritual energy, the process of reduction in spiritual energy of the world is slowed down and slowly reversed. The soul returns to its original pure and loving state. The result is a change of the inner world of consciousness which, in turn, is reflected in the change of the outer world that we all share. 
When we change, the world changes. 
(To be continued tomorrow ...) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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