Saturday, July 28, 2012

To connect with the Supreme power (God) is to experience the divinity within.

Message for the day 28-07-2012
To connect with the Supreme power (God) is to experience the divinity within. 

Projection: The Supreme being (God) is an eternal source of all qualities. When we connect to Him in our minds, we are able to experience these qualities naturally. The more we connect with Him, the more it becomes easy to connect within too and experience inner divinity. 

Solution: Let me take this thought of being with God as His helper. Instead of just wasting my thoughts on what is not good, let me spend a few moments each day helping God in his task of creation through my pure thoughts of good wishes and pure feelings. This will enable me to experience inner divinity. 

Soul Sustenance 28-07-2012

The Regularity Of Meditation Practice – Its Significance 

Meditation has to be practiced on a daily basis if we want to achieve satisfactory results. We have had low quality, negative and fearful thoughts for a long time. We cannot transform them with just a few sporadic (irregular) sessions of meditation. It is good to meditate every day for some time, in the morning and at night, to start cleansing or purifying. You go along accumulating negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, etc. within you, often without realizing. Therefore, you have to cleanse or detoxify as you go along. In order to heal, relax, strengthen, it is good to meditate regularly. It is simple; it is just a question of deciding to do it. In the same way that you eat and bathe every day, you learn to nourish and cleanse your spirit or soul by meditating. The time that you devote to meditation, you get back, because it increases your concentration, focus, clarity, efficiency and determination in action. So you cannot use the excuse that you don't have time. 

If you are going to sit down to meditate the most powerful and beneficial thing is to do it at a fixed time in the day. Establish for yourself a concrete timetable for your meditation and try not to change it, let it be your time reserved for this practice. Begin each day with silence that is positive, peaceful, powerful, serene, and clear. Before working, having breakfast, before doing anything, go inside yourself for some time. In that space of introversion you can connect with your original spiritual qualities, recharging your inner batteries with positive thoughts for the day that you are beginning. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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