Friday, July 20, 2012

Trust wins cooperation.

Message for the day  20-07-2012
Trust wins cooperation. 

Projection: If there is the thought that we can do things ourselves without other people's help, it means that we have arrogance of our own potential or we are not able to have trust for others. This lack of trust doesn't allow us to use others. potential for the benefit of the task. So we are deprived of a very useful resource and we will not be able to be happy. 

Solution: I need to understand the fact that there is greater success in cooperation. It is much more useful to invest my time and resources in training and developing others potential. This brings about the best from people and so there is a greater contribution and hence greater success in every task that I take up. 

Soul Sustenance 20-07-2012

Anger Management 

Creating Your Inner Peace Room (Visualization)
To overcome anger, visualize a house and in that house there is a 'peace room'. See the room as an empty space. Then, step by step decorate and finish the room with the colours and objects, which symbolize peace to you. See the sun streaming into the room, filling the room with light. Then see yourself sitting in the room and filling the room with your vibrations of peace. 

This is now your 'inner peace room'. Whenever you see yourself experiencing emotions like anger, irritation, frustration etc. - you can go visit this room using the power of your mind and intellect (visualization) - it takes only a second - and peace awaits you. To keep it fresh in your mind write a description of your peace room. 

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Brahma Kumaris

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