Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fearlessness comes when there is the power of truth.

Message for the day

Projection: Fearlessness comes when there is the power of truth within us. When we are constantly truthful, we will have nothing to fear. In all the challenges we face everyday we will be able to maintain our faith and courage because of our power of truth.

Solution: Let me make sure my actions are based on truth and when things go wrong, I will still be able to fearless. I need to keep reminding myself that I have the power of truth with me and I will be victorious, whatever may be the challenges that come my way.

  Soul Sustenance

Taking Responsibility, Overcoming Guilt

When you free yourself of guilt, you live in peace within. You take on responsibility and stop sentencing (punishing) yourself internally with feelings of guilt. Taking on responsibility is constructive; it allows all your potential to remain awake and flow. You feel free and unburdened. When you get it wrong, you can find different methods to relieve yourself of the burden that it might imply. For example, being sorry for or feeling sad for something that you have done means that you are aware that you have acted against your own wellbeing or that of another. Realizing it is good; it is the base for any positive change. The important thing is not to sentence (punish) yourself. Learn the lesson. Say sorry, if it is the right thing. Put it right.

Remember that yesterday has already passed. The past cannot be changed. You can't swallow the words that you said, since you already said them. You can't repeat the scene from yesterday in a different way because it already happened and stayed recorded on the film of this world drama. Therefore, don't repeat the words or the scene in your mind over and over again; doing that, you keep alive something that is dead, since yesterday already stayed behind. Learn from the error and commit yourself to you and to your life, promising to yourself that you will not fall over the same stone again. You will think about it before speaking or acting.
(To be continued tomorrow .)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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