Thursday, October 4, 2012

The one who considers himself as a server is the one who can remains stable in all situations.

Message for the day

Projection: In all that we do, if we have the consciousness of being a server i.e., the one who is available for bringing benefit to those around us in one way or the other, we can be stable. When we have this consciousness, we would naturally have no expectations either from people or situations and we will be stable.

Solution: Each day it is necessary for me to take the thought that each person I meet should take something (even if it is a good wish) from me and no one should go away empty-handed. When I do this, I will be able to be free from expectations and I can naturally be stable.

Soul Sustenance

At Peace with Time . The Key To Relaxed Living (cont.)

You choose whether, each morning, you want to get up and begin with watching television, reading the newspaper, a cigarette and a coffee, or you want to get up and meditate, listen to peaceful music, read a couple of pages of spiritual knowledge that inspire you and you begin the day with enthusiasm and by visualizing it positively: today will be a marvelous day, I shall enjoy it . yes!! Begin the day, early in the morning, at daybreak, with a meditation. Meditation connects you with the eternity of time. It seems as if time were elastic, in such a way that a minute can seem eternal i.e. time seems to come to a standstill (if I am surrounded by a positive set of circumstances which are spiritually uplifting) or can seem an instant, i.e. time passes very fast (if in a negative set of circumstances). Thus, I learn to be a creator of time; living in time without being a slave to it. True freedom lies in being content now. You can be content in the present moment by resolving the inner dialogue that generates stress and conflict in you. When you are content, enjoying yourself and having a good time, you don't realize how time passes. This means that, if we lived in a state of constant happiness, we wouldn't realize how time passes. Time would be at our service. We would be the rulers and controllers of time and not the other way round.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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