Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simplicity comes with love for internal solitude.

Message for the day

Projection: When I develop love for internal solitude, I'll be able to go within and experience the qualities and uniqueness within myself. Then, instead of searching for happiness from outside, I'll be able to experience the happiness within whilst facing everything that life brings.

Solution: Each day I need to give a little time exclusively for myself. I need to make an appointment with myself and spend that time in talking positively to myself and experiencing my own uniqueness and speciality. With recognition of these qualities I find my life becoming free from complexity.

Soul Sustenance

Creating a Positive Atmosphere

To create a positive atmosphere at home or at office, while interacting with your family members or colleagues, emerge positive energizing thoughts in your mind like "I am a peaceful soul, child of the Supreme Soul, the ocean of peace", "I am a loveful soul", "I am a blissful soul", "I am a powerful soul", etc. These positive thoughts spread in your home and office in the form of positive vibrations and have a positive influence on your family members and colleagues also. As a result you can maintain your peaceful, positive state even amidst actions and interactions with them. When you are clearly established in this stage of self-respect (positive consciousness), they will be more co-operative in your work and will have greater respect for you. Obstacles from your surroundings will not affect you.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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