Thursday, October 11, 2012

The one who is generous is able to be free from negativity.

Message for the day

Projection: When one is generous, there is the ability to give. Then there will be no expectation of anything from anyone. Thus we will always be free from such negativity like jealousy, hatred, inferior feelings etc

Solution: Let me first identify one person for whom I have negative feelings. I then need to spend a few moments each day giving good wishes to this person. When I become a giver I will automatically find myself wishing the best for that person and my negativity will fade away.


Soul Sustenance

Identity Crisis

The primary quality or the original condition of a pure mind, a pure self, is peace. Initially there was no confusion about 'who I am'. As time passed by, and we came in the process of birth and rebirth, we began to identify with what we are not, starting with our own physical form, and then with external things like lands, positions, material possessions and people. These multiple identities generated the first confusions. In those moments, our inner peace was broken. This is why today so many people suffer from an identity crisis, but are so used to living in this crisis that they are not even aware that it is a crisis. They are not sure what they should be. They are constantly comparing themselves with others. They regularly aim to be like others. They even imitate (copy) the lifestyles of others: all signs that they don't know who or what they are. And if they think they are sure about who they are, the stability it brings does not last for long, as it is almost always based on 'something' external to the 'self., something that must therefore be subject to change. In other words each and every one of us has learned to identify with something we are not.

This loss of true self-identity, at the most deep level, the spiritual level, is what gives rise to fear. And when what we fear might happen actually does happen, we get angry and try to control what we cannot control, so that it doesn't happen again.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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