Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love for God gives us faith and makes us powerful in all situations.

Message for the day

Projection: When we have love for God, we are able to experience His companionship in everything we do. Where there is love there is never a moment of loneliness. Thus we will be able to move forward being powerful in spite of all the challenges that life brings.

Solution: Let me think of one situation where I had an experience of failure. Now let me bring the consciousness that God is with me to help me in this situation. When I believe this, I will find that I have the power and courage to accept and face the situation. So I am also able to work and bring about a change in the situation. 

Soul Sustenance

Taking Responsibility, Overcoming Guilt (cont.)

If there are people or situations that lead you to fall over the same stone i.e. they lead you to make the same mistake, which was committed earlier, again, perhaps you will have to avoid them for a few days or a time, until you have strengthened yourself and have the inner security that they will not influence you. This is not running away; it is wise knowing your weaknesses and knowing that to get into similar situations with the same people is only to repeat the same errors and to worsen your wellbeing and that of the other. Trust in yourself. You can overcome these mistakes and stop making them. It is a question of loving yourself and living. Out of love, you stop hurting yourself and hurting the other.

Crying over past mistakes, you don't mend anything. Open yourself to forgiveness. Raise the level of your thoughts so that they don't keep you in a state of sadness and loss of hope. Don't allow your inner judge to sentence (punish) you each time that you act, since that way you won't feel free. Your judge that you carry within makes your life bitter; however, it is you that gives this judge the capacity to exist. If the inner judge is in harmony with our conscience, it is good, because it wants to protect us. On creating guilt it warns us that we have broken a rule of our code of beliefs, values or behaviors. It alerts us to the fact that we are acting against something important of ourselves. At those moments it helps us to observe and question what is real, true, important and even sacred in our life and for us.

(To be continued tomorrow .)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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