Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Humility helps us maintain good relationships with others.

Message for the day 13-07-2010
Humility helps us maintain good relationships with others.

Projection:When involved in something that we are doing, we naturally come into contact with a lot of people. We sometimes find that we are not able to get along with certain people. We find it very difficult to maintain a good relationship with them and finally avoid dealing with them all together.

Solution: The first thing to do is to avoid thinking that we cannot get along with someone because of their personality. When we remove this first block in our mind we will be able to see the good in all. We will no longer think that we are here to teach them but will humbly learn whatever we can from them.

Soul Sustenance 13-07-2010

Realizing The Law Of Karma

Many times one meets someone with the feeling of either attraction or repulsion and the thought "Where have I seen this person before?" What happens is that the soul recognizes the other soul, even though their bodies are different from the last time they met (in a previous birth). Someone may be a source of comfort or inspiration, while another for no apparent cause, causes a feeling of resentment, "Why does he treat me like this, I have never done anything to him?"

There are some, who even at a young age achieve extraordinary excellence in some branch of knowledge, art or music, while others in spite of their best efforts achieve nothing. Identical twins may be born to the same parents and have the same environment, food and education, but all their lives, their nature and "fortunes" will be completely different. All these examples can only be explained by the law of cause and effect (law of karma) over a series of births.

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