Friday, July 23, 2010

When our vision is on our aim

Message for the day 23-07-2010
When our vision is on our aim, we will continue to progress.

Projection:Sometimes as we move along we suddenly stop. We no more find the progress that should be there in our life. At such times we don't really understand what the reason is. We do try to bring about changes but it doesn't always work and we find ourselves stagnating.

Solution: When on a journey, we are sure to come across many scenes that are beautiful or distracting. But when we know where we have to go we will never be distracted but will move on appreciating each scene that comes our way. In life too, when we are faced with a situation that is not in keeping with our aim we need to pay special attention not to get carried away with such side-scenes.

Soul Sustenance 23-07-2010
Anger Management And Prevention (cont.)

We had explained steps 1, 2 and 3 yesterday.

4. Detachment

Now detach yourself from the emotion and just observe it. Remember, you are not your emotions. All emotions die under observation. You are the creator and it is your creation. Don't identify with the emotion.

5. Tune In

The quietest place in a storm is at its centre. And so it is with the storm of emotion. The quietest place is at the centre, which is the heart of your own consciousness. The technique of Rajyoga meditation (as taught by the Brahma Kumaris) teaches you how to go there and connect with the Supreme Soul and discover your inner peace and power.

After following the stepwise method to overcome anger (as explained yesterday and today), at the end of the day, check yourself as to how well you implemented these steps in real life situations to overcome your anger. You may not be able to go through all the steps right away, but for a particular situation, your thoughts while checking yourself, could be: "This afternoon, I did experience a feeling of irritation arising inside me when Mr. Gupta visited me in my office, so I did realize the irritation. I recognized and took responsibility for it, and did not get angry with him. But instead of accepting the presence of the irritation, I began to oppose and thereby suppress it. As a result it worsened by the evening. So tomorrow I will work more on the third step i.e. Acceptance and experience true inner peace."

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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