Friday, February 11, 2011

Generosity brings success.

Message for the day 10-02-2011
Generosity brings success.

Projection: All of us have a lot of treasures-treasures of virtues, powers, knowledge etc., which we normally don't put into use. When they are out of use for a long time, they get wasted away. So at the time that we require to put into use these treasures they are not available to us. At such times we are not able to respond rightly to the situation.

Solution: The more generously I use the treasures that I have with me for the benefit of others and myself too, the more these treasures are available for me at the right time. Also, for being generous with my treasures I find myself moving easily towards success with the blessings that I get in return.

Soul Sustenance 10-02-2011

Understanding The Different Types Of Thoughts That The Mind Creates (cont.)

We have explained Positive Thoughts yesterday. Today we continue with the same:

Positive Thoughts (cont.)
Positive thoughts make you happy and as a result your expectations of others decrease. This does not mean that they do not matter to you, but that you no longer demand love, respect, recognition, or even calm, from them, and it makes your relationships that much easier. This is the best way to create long-lasting and harmonious relationships. When you have inner happiness, you have the strength to accept other people as they are without wanting them to be different. This acceptance produces more peaceful relationships. With the positive attitude you create, you can offer yourself to other people just the way you are, with your virtues and limitations, without pretence.

Your body also benefits greatly, since when you have a balanced, harmonious mind you are less susceptible to illnesses. A person who has many useless thoughts will often feel very tired because they are spending their energy in creating thousands of unnecessary and inefficient thoughts.

Your mind is strengthened and healed by being nourished with positive thoughts. A healthy mind is the basis of a balanced personality.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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