Saturday, February 26, 2011

Determination in thoughts disperse the clouds of negative situations

Message for the day 24-02-2011
Determination in thoughts disperse the clouds of negative situations.

Projection: There are a lot of negative situations that come our way, as we are moving along. During the difficult phase we tend to experience a lot of negativity within too, either in the form of fear, anger or pain. At that time the difficulty seems very big and seems to last forever.

Solution: I need to recognize the fact that whatever difficulties I face are like passing clouds. These clouds come at their time and fade away at their time too. I need to develop the determination to work on my problems with this understanding. I will then be able to face the situation with ease.

Soul Sustenance 24-02-2011

Overcoming The Loss/Separation Of A Loved One

Living trapped in the memory of a loved one who left us, or in the memory of a situation that no longer exists, or in the memory of someone who is alive but who we no longer see (since we have physically separated), does not allow us to enjoy the present moment with freedom.

What is required during the mourning period is the capacity to make peace with the memories recorded in our consciousness. It is to reach a point where these memories do not upset us or cause us pain. It is to acknowledge that the memory of what was and no longer is, no longer generates desires, dissatisfaction, frustration or sadness.

You don't get over the mourning of a loved one or a lost child, because you allow the memory to continue alive, in a way that it invades the consciousness and imprisons the soul. The memory suffocates the present; there exists a desire to relive a past that no longer has the possibility of existing.

Tomorrow, we shall look at some at the questions that arise in the mind in a mourning period.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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