Wednesday, February 23, 2011

True non-violence is not to hurt others even through words.

Message for the day 22-02-2011
True non-violence is not to hurt others even through words.

Projection: Normally we pay a lot of attention not to hurt people physically but sometimes hurt others through our words. This creates negativity in others which in turn affects us negatively too. Our work too is effected by these kind of words.

Solution: In order to bring true non-violence in our lives, it is equally important to pay special attention to our words too. The basis of words that don't hurt others are positive thoughts-thoughts based on good wishes and benevolent feelings for others.

Soul Sustenance 22-02-2011

Overcoming Mood Swings

At each moment of the day, we have the capability to feel something. Our feelings vary throughout the course of the day. Sometimes they are joyful and sometimes they are painful. What we forget to do is to choose our feelings consciously. Instead, many of us have become lazy and allowed our feelings to be dictated and shaped by people and circumstances. In other words, we have become influenced. Our swinging, changing moods are the result of the inner karma of becoming attached to things, people, ideas and circumstances. If we are attached to a person and suddenly he/she leaves us we will feel gloomy and our mood of sadness will drain our energy just when we need to remain optimistic and enthusiastic about the future. Any form of loss will bring about a mood of sadness. If this sadness lasts for a long period of time, it will gradually turn into depression.

When we think we consider the world around us to be our source of happiness and joy, our moods will fluctuate, even with the changing weather. But when we are spiritually empowered or strong our happiness and joy come from inside. We are stable in the face of praise or insult, loss or gain. We are no longer moody and stability becomes our basic nature. We are in control of our life, our feelings. And while we cannot control the waves of the ocean of life around us, we can control and choose how we will respond to outer events and people. When we do that, we will be able to choose what we feel, regardless of what may happen in our life. Life stops being a rollercoaster and becomes more of a cruise, less a storm and more a gentle breeze.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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