Friday, February 11, 2011

The one whose vision is clear on the destination is the one who is successful.

Message for the day 11-02-2011
The one whose vision is clear on the destination is the one who is successful.

Projection: While moving towards my destination, I tend to get distracted with even the little things that happen. Even a small negative or positive incident is enough to distract my thoughts from my destination. I am sometimes so busy with such things that my vision moves away from my destination and I stop moving forward.

Solution: I need to first clarify my goal. Once I have done this, I need to take care that my vision is focused on it. Even when situations come by, trying to distract me I need to remind myself that these are only side-scenes which are not important for me. It is more important to keep my energies focused towards the goal.

Soul Sustenance 11-02-2011

Turning Qualities Into Powers

An important aspect of God or the Supreme Being, remembered throughtout history in all cultures and traditions, has been the concept of God being an Almighty Authority. The interpretation of this concept has been varied, however:

Some have conceived a God who is fearsome and revengeful and one who punishes. That is very different from the experience of God, in meditation, as a gentle, benevolent (generous), merciful parent; as a teacher of absolute spiritual wisdom or knowledge, but a wisdom that has total humility, and is free from the demands of ego.

Yet, it is also the experience of the soul that God is the Almighty Authority, the source of all power and strength. When I meditate and connect with the Supreme, I experience a state of truth in which the combination of all the original qualities of the soul — peace, love, purity, wisdom and happiness — fills me with a positive power — a power that overcomes negativity in myself and others, so that those I am connected with become better able to experience their own truth. This power also extends to my physical surroundings, transforming the atmosphere around me.

(To be continued tomorrow ...)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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