Saturday, February 26, 2011

To look at specialities is to help change people for the better.

Message for the day 25-02-2011
To look at specialities is to help change people for the better.

Projection: When we see some negative trait in someone, we tend to think about it and talk about it too. When we talk about this to others, we are increasing further negativity in ourselves and others too. To talk negatively also makes us lose our energy. And there is no improvement in that person.

Solution: Instead of focusing the mind on something negative, I need to focus on something special about that person. A long time of practice of looking at specialities gives me the power to help the other person to be free from his weaknesses too. I am then free of negativity in my own mind and do not spread any negativity to others too.

Soul Sustenance 25-02-2011

Overcoming The Loss/Separation Of A Loved One (cont.)

In mourning, regret or remorse may emerge. Let's look at some feelings that are born in relation to these questions:

Did I do everything I should have?

Could I have avoided it?

Did I tell them everything I had to tell them?

Did I give them everything that they needed?

Was I there when they needed me?

These questions converge into a feeling where sometimes one feels responsible for the death of the other. It is a mourning difficult to overcome. What is required is an inner control that does not allow these questions and their answers to go on for a long time. If we don't achieve this capacity we fall into a regret for what might have been and was not, and the present escapes before our very eyes.

Mourning in relation to the separation from someone with whom you have shared moments of beauty and wholeness, of love, requires an effort of peaceful acceptance. Not to remain trapped in feelings of guilt, bitterness or hate, given that these feelings take us in a past that is no longer alive except in our consciousness, because we don't allow it to die. The images and memories of experiences of the past emerge again and again onto the screen of the mind, causing different kinds of feelings that range from sadness to frustration.

Tomorrow we shall explain some simple ways to get over the loss of a loved one.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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