Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To admire or to praise is to imbibe those virtues too.

Message for the day 09-02-2011
To admire or to praise is to imbibe those virtues too.

Projection: When I notice someone's specialities, I begin to admire them and describe them to others too. I really like those virtues in the other person, but rarely do I make effort to imbibe them in myself too.

Solution: I need to understand that I like these particular virtues in the other person because they are subtly working within me too. When I work on them more consciously, I will be able to emerge them easily.

Soul Sustenance 09-02-2011

Understanding The Different Types Of Thoughts That The Mind Creates (cont.)

We have explained Necessary, Unnecessary and Negative Thoughts in the last few days. Today we explain:

Positive Thoughts
Positive thoughts are those thoughts which give us and others the experience of our original virtues like peace, love, bliss, happiness, etc. They enable you to accumulate inner strength and equip you to be constructive. Positive thoughts are always beneficial in all circumstances, without trapping you in the external appearance of a situation.

Thinking positively does not mean ignoring the reality of your world and living in a fantasy or longing to be another person. For example, if you were to repeat over and over again, "I am well, am well," when you were ill, this is not what we mean by positive thinking.

Thinking positively involves looking at problems and recognizing reality, but at the same time being able to find solutions without becoming obsessed or confused. This often requires tolerance, patience and common sense.

A person who thinks positively is aware of the weaknesses of others, but even then will direct their attention towards their positive characteristics.

(To be continued tomorrow …..)

In Spiritual Service,
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