Sunday, February 20, 2011

To have commitment for self-progress is to be a giver.

Message for the day 20-02-2011
To have commitment for self-progress is to be a giver.

Projection: Although we do have a lot in our lives, we have expectations from situations and people around us. We constantly think of what we have to get from them. Such expectations make us dependent on others for self-progress. Then we find ourselves experiencing progress only when things are going right or when people are cooperative.

Solution: Instead of thinking about what I want to get, I need to pay more attention to what I have, so that I can do my best using these resources to acquire what I want. Thus I will experience constant progress in my life, whether the situations are positive in my life or not.

Soul Sustenance 20-02-2011

The Triangle Of Spiritual Energy (cont.)

Referring to yesterday's message, in the triangle of harmonious energy, all three points (the self, the Supreme and others) need to be equidistant - not too much one way or the other. The 'equidistant triangle' in ancient mathematics was the symbol of harmony. Harmony, peace, order and balance is what is natural in human life and if we wish to return to that condition, we need to realize the importance of equidistant relationships. It requires constant attention to keep the three points in balance and in working order. Otherwise, when we get over-focused on any one of the three, we become inflexible. This inflexibility causes us to go out of balance and the result is disharmony and disunity, which can also be called 'violence', an unnatural condition, or even hell when it reaches an extreme point.

In order to maintain a balance between the three, I need silence: times of introspection when I can check the flow of three of my relationships – with the self, Supreme Source and others. This checking mechanism protects, sustains and develops the qualities of these three points.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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