Saturday, June 5, 2010

To be free from negative and waste is to be light and spread the light around.

Message for the day 04-06-2010
To be free from negative and waste is to be light and spread the light around.

When we find ourselves having waste and negative thoughts we don't usually work to change them. It is because we don't realise the effect of such thoughts, which are harmful to both others and ourselves, too.

We need to remind ourselves that the positivity in our mind is beneficial to both ourselves and others too. When we consciously remember the benefit of having positive thoughts we will not feel heavy because of the change that we have to bring about.
Soul Sustenance 04-06-2010

Positive Consciousness

The habitual way in which you use the house you live in and its contents are all affected if you use them in a positive consciousness (mental state). The result is purification while interacting with the physical object, so that when the object is in use, it fulfills its function accurately, and it has also undergone a permanent change. This can happen when you are cleaning the house, cleaning any object in the house or preparing objects for a particular purpose. If such actions are done in a positive consciousness then the physical object will have such a vibration of peace and purity that no harm can be done with it and whatever action it is used to perform will be successful. Any other soul who comes into interaction with those objects will also feel the affect of their pure vibrations.

If we perform each action with the physical body in a positive consciousness, then the physical body gets purified and we can become free of illnesses.

In our relationships it is the same principle. First there needs to be that detachment in relations. Secondly, when there is a positive consciousness, I will find that my interactions have a purifying affect on all that I relate to and I can bring benefit to everyone I meet.

In this way a positive mental state enables all actions to be successful, whether at work or at home.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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