Saturday, June 26, 2010

When we have the switch of awareness on

Message for the day    26-06-2010
When we have the switch of awareness on, our mood will
never go off.

When something goes wrong we find that our mood goes off
immediately. We then lose all enthusiasm and all our thoughts
become negative. To change negative thoughts to positive then
becomes difficult.

Like one single switch brings light into a dark room, our own
switch of awareness will bring positivity in our mind. We can take
a thought like 'I am the master of my own life' or 'nothing can go
wrong today' right in the morning. When we have this awareness
on, we will never have our mood off.

Soul Sustenance   26-06-2010

The Definitions Of Meditation (cont.)

We can define meditation as the following 'Rs':

7. Restoring
As we begin to rediscover our inner spiritual treasures by
meditating (explained yesterday) and we start using them, our
original strengths and qualities are restored. There is a transition
(change) in consciousness enabling confidence and self-esteem to
become a natural way of being.

Meditation: "I value myself as a being of peace and love and
know that I have within me all the qualities which are needed to
overcome all the challenges of life."

8. Recharging
The leap of consciousness that occurs when we connect with our
inner spiritual self, is a powerful way of recharging the energies of
the human mind. The mind is filled with a deep tranquility
(peacefulness) that flows into our thoughts and is then reflected in
our words and actions. A world of new vision opens where there
is self-mastery and acceptance of life as it is.

Meditation: "I have the inner strength to let go of judgements,
dissatisfaction, impatience and replace negative energies with a
more positive outlook."

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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