Saturday, June 5, 2010

To be a master is to be free from one's own weaknesses.

Message for the day 24-05-2010
To be a master is to be free from one's own weaknesses.

We are usually under the control of our own weaknesses in a
negative situation. We first respond to the situation with our
weakness and then try hard to change our thoughts. But we don't
find ourselves succeeding and the weakness gets the better of us.

We need to develop the consciousness that we are a master and
the weakness within us, our creation, and so it is totally in our
control. When we develop this consciousness we will be able to
win over our weaknesses easily.

Soul Sustenance 24-05-2010
What Is The Soul World (Incorporeal World) (cont.)?

The souls stay in the soul world in well-defined groups. They
descend onto this earth in a certain chronological order, according
to the quality of “sanskaras”. At the apex of this configuration of
souls is the Supreme Soul, whom the other souls call God, AIIah,
Jehovah, etc. Beneath him the souls are positioned number wise
according to their degree of similarity to the Supreme. Depending
on the quality and the part the soul has to play, it emerges in the
human world, taking the body of a developing baby in a mother's
womb. It then continues through the cycle of birth and rebirth
according to the role that it has. When the parts are over, souls
again return to this world of light, peace, liberation and complete

The deep rest the soul has had in the "home" has such an effect on
it that even though it forgets the details about that world, there is
always a desire to search for that peace and silence when it
becomes lost and confused in the world of matter. In that supreme
region only, souls remain in their completely original, natural state,
which can be experienced through Rajyoga meditation.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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