Saturday, June 5, 2010

To judge others is to take law into our hands.

Message for the day 23-05-2010
To judge others is to take law into our hands.

When we see anyone doing something wrong, we immediately
begin to think about it and judge them based on whatever we have
seen. When we bring any such negative thoughts we will not be
able to help in any way to overcome the weakness.

We need to remind ourselves that we have no right to judge
others. The only thing we need to do is to see if we can help them
out in anyway to overcome their weakness. If not, we need not
think or talk about it, i.e., we need not take the law into our hands.

Soul Sustenance 23-05-2010
What Is The Soul World (Incorporeal World)?

The Soul World, which is the sixth element, is filled with
golden-red, divine Iight (experienced during meditation). Over
there, the conscient (living entities), the souls, have neither bodies
of matter nor bodies of light. There exists neither thought, word
nor action; just complete stillness, silence and peace. Just as this
world occupies a tiny part of this physical universe, so too the
souls occupy just a tiny portion of this infinite world. This is the
highest region, the original home of souls and the Supreme Soul,
God. This is the region which human beings, irrespective of culture
or religion, have tried to reach in thoughts, prayers, etc. It is caIled
by various names in various religions - Heaven, Nirvana,
Shantidham, Paramdham, Brahmand, etc. Before I came to this
earth, I was there with all other souls, brothers. The experience of
complete and utter peace, purity and silence is there in my sweet
home. There the soul is untouched by matter. Souls reside there as
star-like points of light. They remain dormant, with their roles in
the physical world latent (hidden) within them. The roles emerge
when they the souls appear on earth, the world stage.

(To be continued ….)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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