Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The one who is accurate in every thought

Message for the day 21-06-2010
The one who is accurate in every thought, word and deed is the one who becomes praise-worthy.

We do take care most of the times to see that our words and actions
are not negative, but sometimes we are not as attentive with our
thoughts. When there are waste thoughts we are not able to make
even our words and actions right.

Instead of making great efforts to change our actions and our
words, we need to pay special attention to our thoughts. When our
thoughts are right filled with good wishes for others as well as
for the self, we find that they become accurate. And with this
comes accuracy in our thoughts
Soul Sustenance 21-06-2010
Self Management

It is only in our relationships that we can truly know ourselves. We
are a mirror for each other. What we give to others at the level of
our thoughts, feelings and attitudes is what we give to ourselves,
and will finally come back from others. Our relationships are the
real workshop, classroom, learning laboratory of our life.
Relationship is not simply getting along with others, it is about
understanding, building, nourishing and caring. Every interaction
carries a lesson. Take one relationship, look at it, explore it and
ask yourself what does it tell you about yourself and your life so
far. Let your relationships reveal you to yourself. As you do you
will naturally learn what makes relationships work, or not work, as
the case may be! And the more you get to know yourself in the
mirror of your relationships the more easily you will be able to
understand others.

Think of two people who are close to you. Now think about each
relationship and write down what each of these people seems to
bring out in you when you are with them. What part of your self
would you want to see more developed in each of these
relationships e.g. humour, patience, humility (egolessness) etc.?
What will you do today to develop these aspects of your

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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