Friday, June 25, 2010

The way to get blessings is to be open to learning.

Message for the day    25-06-2010
The way to get blessings is to be open to learning.

We do get both negative and positive situations in our life. When
we are faced with negative situations we usually expect blessings
from God or someone great by which the negativity in our life will
fully finish. But it doesn't usually happen so.

The method to receive blessings is to go on learning from the
experiences of life. To learn means never to repeat mistakes by
learning from whatever has happened. This learning acts as a lift
for us, which takes us forward.

Soul Sustenance   25-06-2010
The Definitions Of Meditation (cont.)
We can define meditation as the following 'Rs':

5. Relearning
As we become free by practicing meditation (explained
yesterday), we begin to respect ourselves and relearn what it
means to value our self, our life and our existence in this great play
of life. Forgotten truths appear and a new education of the self

Meditation: "I am able to understand eternity and spirituality and
feelings of my true humanity emerge."

6. Rediscovering
As we relearn, we rediscover our spiritual values and resources
and, realizing they were always there, we resolve to use these
silent inner treasures, which are the foundation of a better quality
of life.

Meditation: "I am a positive, purposeful being, who has
something unique to offer to life."

(To be continued tomorrow ….)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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