Sunday, June 3, 2012

The biggest gift is the gift of virtues.

Message for the day 03-06-2012
The biggest gift is the gift of virtues. 

Projection: Through out the day, each individual is involved in a series of activities. A simple thought to give the gift of virtues makes even ordinary actions special. Each act becomes special and the fragrance of this speciality spreads around and touches the lives of others too. Such an individual is able to contribute to every task with his own speciality and bring success in the task too. 

Solution: When I am able to express and give the gift of my virtues, I am able to attain satisfaction with whatever I get to do. This satisfaction brings in me the inner urge to contribute some more. I achieve success outwardly too since I have actually been able to experience inner success. My relations with others are also harmonious and whatever task I do along with the others brings a productive result. 

Soul Sustenance  03-06-2012

Repairing The Engine Of Your Consciousness 

You can spend your life driving a car and never know what's wrong when it breaks down. You are then completely at the mercy of others to repair it. At that moment you probably think to yourself, "God, I wish I knew how this thing works..." Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, God cannot help with car mechanics! 

It's almost the same with your inner "self". The presence of any stress, or any form of mental/emotional pain, is a signal that something has broken down inside the engine of your consciousness. If at that moment you don't know who you are, and how you work, how will you repair things in the inner self when they break down? We are not talking about the body here. If you have something seriously wrong with your body you obviously need to see a doctor. But even then, if you are a little enlightened spiritually, you know that the original cause of your physical disease lies within your consciousness, your state of mind, your feelings and emotions, which, in turn, lies in your beliefs, most of which lie deep down in your subconscious. So, if repairs are to be carried inside your consciousness (to keep the mind and body functioning smoothly) you need to know certain things - essential things - about your spirit, mind and heart. That's what spiritual knowledge is all about. Spiritual knowledge is the complete knowledge of the spirit (or soul) and how it works. Fortunately, the Supreme Spirit (or God) can help us with this knowledge, that he alone possesses! 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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