Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To be a master means not to be cheated by one's own weaknesses.

Message for the day 06-06-2012
To be a master means not to be cheated by one's own weaknesses. 

Projection: When there is any weakness working within me it means that the internal power is not working at that time. To be a master means there is total control over all the internal powers. Whether it is the power of concentration, or the power to decide or the power to be stable, whatever power is required is used according to the right time. So no weakness is expressed but only inner strength is revealed. 

Solution: When I am able to use all my powers at the right time, I experience mastery - over situations and over others. But most of all I find that I am a master of myself and my own feelings and emotions. I am always in control of my emotions, however challenging the situations outside may be. So I find that I am never cheated by my weaknesses. 

Soul Sustenance  06-06-2012

The Relationship Between The Mind And The Intellect 

Thoughts, created by the mind – a faculty (power) of the soul, are the seeds of actions and experience (which are the fruits). When there is the desire for a pure and positive experience, along with the realization of the importance of the quality of thought, then naturally those seeds will be selected which will bear the desired positive fruit. 

The desire may be for peace, knowledge, contentment, love, power, joy; anyone of a number of positive experiences may be relished (enjoyed). And of course, there will then be the aim to control or eradicate those thoughts and “sanskaras” which are the seeds of disharmony and peacelessness. The faculty (power) of the soul by which it can select its desired thoughts and emotions to get the desired experience is the intellect. 

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