Sunday, June 17, 2012

The one who attains blessings are the richest.

Message for the day 17-06-2012
The one who attains blessings are the richest. 

Projection: Every individual has some or the other speciality. When this speciality is revealed in one's own words and behaviour, good wishes emerge from others very naturally. These good wishes become a form of blessing for the one who is making effort with an honest heart. Such blessings help one to further put in more effort and move on towards success. 

Solution: To experience the good wishes and blessings from others is to experience the richness of life. There is joy in being connected to the others and being in harmony with them. The good wishes of others act as boosters in order to fulfill what I set out to do and I experience quick and easy progress. 

Soul Sustenance  17-06-2012

Inculcating Powers Through Rajyoga Meditation - The Power To Co-operate (cont.) 

The more I practice meditation, and develop and live with the consciousness that I am a non-physical soul, a being of light, the quicker the ego associated with all the physical factors (explained yesterday) melts away. Coloring myself with the Supreme or God's company, I see others as the children of the Supreme Soul. I know myself as part of the family of human souls who have the same original qualities as me. In soul-consciousness, there is no way I can feel superior to others, though I'll value their specialties. We are brothers - equal yet different. 

In this consciousness, a natural humility or egolessness develops, a genuine respect for each other. There is a strength and happiness in the awareness of being a child of God, but I'll see others also as the same. There is neither the ego of feeling superior, nor the inverted ego of an inferiority complex. I am not negating myself, I am recognizing the value of the self, but I'm also appreciating the value and qualities of all others around me. In that spirit of mutual respect, it becomes easy to work together. 

The future of the world and the transformation of the planet actually depend on this transformation in each one of us, from ego and self-glorification to humility, respect and co-operation. Meditation, by lifting me beyond the factors that divide us, makes me deeply aware that we are one family, sharing one home, this beautiful planet, for which we have a common responsibility. In the awareness of where we are, and to whom we belong, there also comes the recognition of what we as a family must do together - create a world which is filled with the virtues of the Supreme Soul, by first imbibing those virtues inside us. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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