Friday, June 22, 2012

Honesty to the self brings progress at a quick speed.

Message for the day 22-06-2012
Honesty to the self brings progress at a quick speed. 

Projection: To be honest with one self is to be truly honest. When there is honesty with the self, there is the ability to see things clearly. So one is able to take responsibility for the mistakes committed and have the enthusiasm to learn from them. So there is constant change and progress visible in such a person. At all times there is the ability to bring about change. 

Solution: When I am honest with myself, I am able to find the joy of learning from my mistakes. Mistakes don't make me heavy because I know I have something to learn from them. There is constantly enthusiasm to bring about a change and move forward. So I find that I am constantly progressing and also becoming an inspiration for many to bring about change. My honesty, therefore, makes me a true leader. 

Soul Sustenance  22-06-2012

Experiencing The Love Of The Supreme Father 

Firstly, for a few seconds observe your present thoughts. Watch them. Now turn your thoughts towards self realization. Withdraw yourself from the physical surroundings. Be conscious of your original self - a point of light, situated at the center of the forehead just above the eyebrows. Experience that light within you. You are a peaceful soul... You are completely separate from the physical body... You feel light... The burden of physical consciousness is removed... You are a pure soul... Your consciousness is clear and full of purity... Now try to tune your mind to your original home 'Paramdham' or 'Shantidham'. With the mind and intellect visualize the soft golden red light in 'Paramdham'. Experience the silence of the sweet home. There is another brilliant light, God, the Supreme in 'Paramdham'... The form of the Beloved Father is a sparkling, brilliant star. He is the source of the divine energy or rays of peace and purity.... These rays originate from the Supreme Father and penetrate the soul and make me pure, positive and powerful... 

I receive the divine laser rays and it makes the soul completely peaceful and pure. All my relations are with my divine father, who is my Mother, Teacher, Guru, Beloved and Friend too... I receive love of all the relations from Him.... Generate such positive thoughts.... Have a heart-to-heart conversation with Him.... Get absorbed in the love of the Almighty.... Remain in this experience for a few minutes.... Gradually once again be aware of your physical body. Maintain the soul consciousness in your day to day actions also. See others also as conscient sparkling souls or stars while interacting with them.... 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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