Monday, June 18, 2012

To take up responsibility is to inspire cooperation from others.

Message for the day 18-06-2012
To take up responsibility is to inspire cooperation from others. 

Projection: When there is the initiative to take up responsibility, there is accuracy in words and actions too. There is the use of one's own specialities in the task that is to be done and so others too keep getting inspiration to use their specialities. So the task is filled with honest effort that is the contribution of each and everyone. 

Solution: Since I take up responsibility for everything that comes up in my life, I find that others too take responsibility to contribute their share to the task. So I find others cooperating with me and the most difficult task becomes easy. The power of cooperation works wonders in the most difficult task. 

Soul Sustenance  18-06-2012

Is The Supreme Soul (God) Really Omnipresent (present everywhere)? 

Is it really true that the Supreme Soul (God) is present everywhere, in each atom in the entire universe? The sun is in one place yet its influence can be felt throughout the solar system to different degrees in different places, providing a source of heat and light, needs absolutely essential for our physical life. The closer one is to the sun, the greater the effect. In the same way God, the one who is the ocean of perfect characteristics, the source of all spiritual needs, does not have to be omnipresent (present everywhere) in order to be with us wherever we are. He can be in one location and we can still experience his closeness. 

If God were literally omnipresent and thus in every atom, where is this love, peace, joy and wisdom? Are they present in every atom in this human world? If God is present inside me, how could ignorance have come to me in the first place? Can ignorance come to God? If God is omnipresent to where or to whom do I turn my thoughts? Just as a radio transmitter emanates waves throughout the world and a receiver, if tuned in, will pick them up, so too if the mind is tuned totally to the material world and physical activities, then I am unable to experience God practically in my daily life. Even though He always radiates His qualities, I can only pick up those transmissions if I am soul-conscious and if I turn my thoughts in His direction to His location. If God were omnipresent, there would be no meaning to the tradition throughout all cultures to have special places set aside (e.g. temples and churches) for worship. In those special places, is God more omnipresent than in other non-sacred places? If God were omnipresent, are the ones who are so-called "God-realised beings" more "God" than the ones who have not realised? 

(To be continued tomorrow ….) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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