Thursday, June 7, 2012

True love for others enables them to be free from their weaknesses.

Message for the day 07-06-2012
True love for others enables them to be free from their weaknesses. 

Projection: The sign of good wishes is that the negativity is not described to anyone else. When there is true love for the other person and there is a desire to see them improve, their negativity is not repeated again and again to oneself or to others. There is also genuine love and concern revealed in the words and so it helps the other person recognise his own specialities and he is encouraged to use them for his own benefit. 

Solution: My desire for perfection enables me to become a source of support and encouragement for the other person, when I am able to see their strengths and relate to these strengths and specialities. Under no circumstance do I give others an experience of negativity or discouragement. I also get the love and good wishes from others as a return for what I have given. 

Soul Sustenance  07-06-2012

Experiencing Freedom From The Dependency On Novelty Or Newness 

One of the dependencies that the consumer society promotes is dependency on the new. You have a car but today a new, better one is coming out. You have a mobile but the new one on the market today has more features and yours is now obsolete. The same thing happens to the television, personal stereos (MP3 players), the video (DVD players), etc. Today you have some clothes but tomorrow the fashion will be different. We find the need to fill ourselves with more and more. This way an addiction to the new is generated. We get bored quickly and we need something apparently new and different all the time.

Some people need to buy new clothes all the time because it makes them feel better; they ‘feel’ the newness, is this normal? It is actually an addiction to the new out of boredom, discomfort with oneself, and the inner need to impress and please others that so many people possess. It is to spend without responsibility. It is to live in the superficiality 'of the suit or the saree', not in the inner essence of ‘being’ or ‘soul’. It is to use time to distract oneself and not to construct creatively. It’s not as if buying new stuff or going shopping is wrong but when it becomes a dependency, when it becomes a source of boosting your self esteem, that’s a sign that you are going wrong. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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