Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To have love for God means to be protected from weaknesses.

Message for the day 13-06-2012
To have love for God means to be protected from weaknesses. 

Projection: To have love for God means to have love for the perfection that is present within each and every individual, which means to be able to recognise and relate to everyone's specialities. When this is done, automatically one remains free from one's own weaknesses and fears and also from looking at the imperfections in others. 

Solution: God's love frees me from all worries and concerns. There will be that close connection with God that will enable me to feel light and easy as God takes care of all my worries and troubles. The faith that God is with me frees me from negativity and so I also find my faith making me an instrument to help others to be free from negativity. I am able to give hope and courage to others too. 

Soul Sustenance  13-06-2012

Meditation Exercise 

It is important when meditating not to go too quickly, rather to be slow -the slowness allows for depth and ease. Relax the body in a comfortable position and gently, very gently concentrate on the centre of the forehead. 

Very slowly create these thoughts: 

'I relax. I am calm. I begin my journey inward - my journey into silence. In this silence, the mind concentrates on the thought - the thought of the original self, the spiritual self. 

Who am I … Gently, I begin to experience the eternal being within … Om … I am … I am a spiritual being… a soul ... shanti … a being of peace ... peace is my original strength ... I, the soul ... a point of eternal energy … I am the essence of peace ... peace is harmony ... peace is balance ... peace is serenity ... content ... complete … full ... As my thought, so my consciousness ... Let me remain in this thought: Om shanti … peace and silence. ... I remain still ... I remain in complete peace: ... Om shanti’ 

Remember to do this exercise slowly, giving yourself time when you are not in a hurry. The mind and thoughts may go in other directions, but gently re-focus them, to realize the 'Om Shanti' consciousness, the original consciousness of peace. 

Like learning a language, meditation requires systematic and patient practice on a daily basis to receive true benefit. If it is only done once in a while, or only in a state of need, then the state of being peaceful is not easily achieved. Rarely is anything learnt, or mastered, immediately. Therefore, it is important not to give up even if it does not seem to work. Just keep trying and gradually it comes by itself. Set aside 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening to practice this. As it becomes easier to do then you can increase the amount of time. 

In Godly Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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