Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To finish waste questions is to find a solution.

Message for the day 05-06-2012
To finish waste questions is to find a solution. 

Projection: When a difficult situation comes up there are waste questions in the mind either about the past or about the future. Questions like 'why did it happen like this?' or 'What will happen now?' are very common. But to keep the mind busy with waste questions is to block it from using its capability of finding solutions. On the other hand, to finish waste questions, means to keep the mind free for finding solutions. 

Solution: When I keep my mind free from waste questions, I am able to be alert and find the right answer to every problem. I have the confidence and I know that every problem has a solution. When I keep my mind in the present by freeing myself of waste questions, I am able to quickly and easily find the solution and find myself moving towards success even in all challenging situations. 

Soul Sustenance  05-06-2012

Experiencing ‘Yoga’ (Meditation) In Different ‘Karmas’ (Actions) – cont. 

To perform good and perfect actions we use both spiritual knowledge and power in a practical form (called ‘karma yoga’). Given below are some more examples of the same (we had explained a few yesterday): 

While interacting with others, have the awareness of the soul, a being of light, situated at the center of the forehead, radiating rays of might or power towards other souls or beings of light. 

While writing, have the awareness of the Supreme Soul or God speaking to you and making you work. And also practice, "I the soul am writing through these hands, my instruments." 

While listening, in any situation, have the consciousness that I the soul, am listening through these physical ears. 

While bathing, have the consciousness of being the soul, the deity, cleaning the temple of the body. 

We need to pay attention that we do not do any action that creates wasteful thoughts in the minds of others. The above ‘karma yoga’ practice (and what was discussed yesterday) will help us in doing that. If our actions create wasteful thoughts, then this becomes a burden for us and as a result we cannot remain light. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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