Friday, February 1, 2013

The one who brings benefit to each and everyone is a true benefactor.

Message for the day

Expression: Each one has immense treasures that can be contributed to those around, but the one who is a benefactor surely finds reasons and excuses to use these treasures constantly for the benefit of all. True benefit lies in giving some or the other positive input to each and everyone who happens to come one's way.

Experience: When I have the constant desire to bring benefit to everyone around me, I am naturally free from all kind of expectations. I don't expect others to change according to my needs and desires, but am able to bring about a change in myself according to the requirements of time. So I experience constant improvement.

Soul Sustenance

Nurturing My Relationship With Myself 

One of the most significant areas of importance in any human’s life is that of relationships. Someone with very good, close, harmonious and loveful relationships with loved ones, friends, colleagues, etc. is normally considered very fortunate or lucky. But of all relationships, the first and most basic one is the one I have with myself. So, how good, close or deep is my relationship with myself? How well do I know myself? Am I my own friend? If I think over the last week or fortnight, how many of my reactions were unexpected or uncontrolled or basically not the right ones? How many reactions left me confused, sad, unenthusiastic, peaceless, depressed, negative in any other way or in short uncomfortable? If there have been several such situations, it is an indication that there are still things deep within me that I do not know.

Normally a friend is someone whose company I enjoy, for whom there is love and from whom there is some benefit. As in any worldly relationship, without knowing a particular person to the core I can never have a deep relationship with that person. As the phrase ‘spiritual knowledge’ implies, it is the knowledge of the spirit or the self. Only by knowing myself completely and having a good relationship with the self, can I channelize my inner potential that I have within myself - just as water from a river, when properly channelized, provides water for various purposes. In any worldly relationship, if enough time and attention is not given to it and it is not nourished, it gets affected negatively. In the same way, though it's obvious that I have to spend a large chunk of each day involved in situations arising from my duties, routine activities, responsibilities and worldly relationships; my relationship with myself should also be given enough time and attention, so that it does not suffer. If I am not careful about that, my worldly life may use up my energy completely and discharge my inner battery. I need to find times in the day when I give time to my relationship with the self and recharge myself. The peace and happiness I long for internally will be obtained by having a good, positive relationship with the self.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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