Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To receive blessings is to become worthy of them.

Message for the day 

Expression: Sometimes there is a desire to receive blessings from God or someone who is considered more powerful. But the one who has truly a thought of winning the love, regard and blessings of the other person is able to put in effort to be worthy of it. So he is constantly trying to be better and better in what he does. Thus he becomes worthy of everyone's blessings.

Experience: When I am constantly making myself more and more worthy, I naturally win the love, trust and blessings from all those I come into contact with. I am committed to whatever I do and know that the blessings of God are with me because I am making effort. I have no fear or insecurity, but go on doing what I have to do with confidence.

Soul Sustenance

Positive Thinking

To experience peace is to be in one powerful stage. The more the thoughts we have, the lesser the peace that is experienced in the mind. When we are able to maintain a powerful thought throughout the day whatever the situations come our way we can experience constant peace. Right in the morning let us take a thought that is positive and powerful. For example, 'I am a powerful soul because I have the World Almighty Authority . the Supreme Soul as my companion' or 'I am the luckiest soul in the universe' or as something as simple as .I am a loveful soul, the child of the Ocean of Love.. Take any positive thought connected with the basic qualities of the soul . peace, bliss, love, purity, knowledge, power, joy. Whatever the situations we come across, let us emerge this thought and we will be able to maintain peace.      

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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