Thursday, February 21, 2013

To perceive the need to change is to bring about change for the better.

Message for the day

Expression: When something goes wrong, there is generally a feeling of being right. There is always a desire expressed to change the situation or the person. So there is no introspection, but only blame. Such words discourage others too as they are constantly made aware of their negativity.

Experience: When I am able to understand the importance of bringing about change for the better in every situation that I am faced with, I am able to recognize the message that the situation gives me. I am able to use the situation to better myself and gradually progress towards the vision of perfection that I have for myself.

Soul Sustenance 

Experiencing My True Essence

I feel comfortable and attentive. I am conscious of my thoughts and I direct my attention to my breathing. I breathe gently and deeply. I begin to feel how my body and mind relax.

I let go of the things from outside. I feel free, like an observer, beyond everything that surrounds me: people, objects, sounds, worries... Everything slips away from my mind. They pass and go away like the clouds in the sky, until they fade away and everything remains completely clear.

I open a door. It is the door of my inner world. I discover that it is like an immense ocean. In the depths of my inner being there is silence, peace, calm and serenity. I go within. I let go of the past and I see it disappear.

I submerge myself in this unlimited ocean, where all the mundane (related to the physical and my day-to-day routine) and negative thoughts melt away. Before me, there opens a path of light that takes me to the depths, where my true essence is found.

I see, in front of me, on this path of light, a star, marvelous and radiant with light. From it radiate rays of peace and love, towards me. My mind is tranquilized; I am filled with silence and peace. My thoughts are full of light, of peace, of love. I feel a deep acceptance and serenity inside me. In this space of silence I am with myself.

I feel free, light, peaceful and free of worries. I am at peace. I feel peace. I am free. I am myself.

Now it is time to return. I breathe gently and I am aware of the place I am in. I feel tranquility, silence, peace, wellbeing. My eyes and my face express this wellbeing. I feel myself free. I feel well with myself and with others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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