Monday, February 4, 2013

Where there is faith there is victory

Message for the day 

Expression: When someone has faith there are no doubts or questions about the self, others or situations. Faith also enables a person to see and understand simple things in life with a new understanding. It shows direction and courage to go on.

Experience: When I have faith, I experience myself to be lucky and thus receive cooperation from many others. I would also be able to experience success at every step. There is then no worry for me and am troubled less by aspects that keep changing around me. My thoughts then would always be positive and I experience victory.

Soul Sustenance 

Self Transformation (Change) (cont.) 

Here are some practical reminders and steps we can take to grow spiritually and bring out transformation (change) in ourselves:

Use 'traffic control'
To remember our original peaceful state during certain moments of the day creates a space for us to recharge and to be released from accumulated negativities, which have influenced our mind without our realizing it.

'Traffic control', is a method to check and control the flow and type of thoughts that we create. Are our thoughts wasteful or are they useful, necessary, positive, and peaceful? By stopping for a minute every hour, we can step inside, apply a brake to the flow of thoughts and instead focus on the experience .I am a peaceful being (soul).. This practice has an immediate cooling effect on the mind, and if done regularly, has a very positive impact on our daily lives.

(To be continued tomorrow..)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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