Saturday, February 23, 2013

To make the effort to take and give good wishes is to constantly experience contentment.

Message for the day 

Expression: Whatever the kinds of personality of the person, if there is this one aim of taking and giving good wishes, there is positivity in every interaction. Attention is paid to make every word and action full of positivity. Words spoken only give happiness to others and give some kind of support to the other person to be better than what he is.

Experience: When I understand the importance of having good wishes for all, I am able to receive good wishes from others too. I am able to be free from the influence of the negativity of the situations and people. So I constantly experience inner happiness and contentment, even if I don't get something outwardly.

Soul Sustenance 

Self Esteem

Self esteem is the foundation of our self confidence and self motivation. Self esteem is how we feel about ourselves at any given moment. Almost everyone of us has been taught to build our self esteem on the wrong foundations. We build it on something external instead of something internal. We are taught to connect it to our position, material possessions and pay, and by how much regard we receive from others. This is why we very rarely meet people who have rock solid self esteem. Most of us learn how to hide our delicate self-esteem. Finally the disguise (cover up) tires us completely and we surrender to the tension. Each and every one of us will have to go back to school to learn this inner lesson and find our true inner strength. Life gives us many signals and offers many opportunities to do this, but most of us either avoid the message or shoot the messenger, preferring to live with the tension and keep up the deception (cover up).

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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