Thursday, August 5, 2010

True detachment is to be a master of all things that we use.

Message for the day 04-08-2010
True detachment is to be a master of all things that we use.

Projection: Detachment is usually mistaken as being away from things because usually while using the facilities available we tend to get dependent on them. Such dependency is troublesome and so we sometimes give up using these facilities thinking that this is detachment which helps us to be free from their control.

Solution: The solution lies in mentally detaching ourselves from the facilities we are using. That means we use them but we are not dependent on them. For this we need to remind ourselves that we are the creator and whatever facilities are available to us are the creation. This enables us to develop mastery and control over everything.

Soul Sustenance 04-08-2010

Principles for the Body To Make Early Morning Meditation Successful (cont.)

• Freshen the self before morning meditation, with a shower or a hot drink. Avoid speaking before the meditation.

• Sit with an upright posture, away from the walls or comfortable chairs. If the body is ill, awaken but sit comfortably, and do not force the self.

• Have a good circulation of fresh air.

• Subtle lighting creates an atmosphere of meditation. If it is too dark it will lead to sleepiness; if it is too light there will be eye-strain.

• Burn incense sticks ("agarbattis"), only if it doesn't irritate your and others' eyes and throats.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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