Monday, August 30, 2010

To work with the inner happiness

Message for the day 30-08-2010
To work with the inner happiness is to move forward with lightness.

Projection: Usually we do take care not to give sorrow to others, but we sometimes do take sorrow from the words and behaviour of others. This disturbs our own inner state and we are not able to work with lightness. Then we find that we are not able to be effective in our work and this further effects our inner state.

Solution: We need to pay special attention not to take sorrow from anyone. As much as we are careful not to give sorrow to others, we need to make sure we don't take any sorrow too. That means we need to remain light by keeping ourselves open to criticism. We need to take any criticism that comes our way in the right spirit and see that we learn from it without having any negative thoughts.

Soul Sustenance 30-08-2010

Inculcating Powers Through Rajyoga Meditation -
The Power To Tolerate (cont.)

Real tolerance is a state in which, firstly, I have to be very clear about my own contribution to a difficult situation. If the difficult situation is signaling a need for me to change my own behaviour, I have to be open and responsive to that.

Secondly, real tolerance requires understanding and compassion (mercy) towards others: knowing that at the deepest level, all people wish to live with love, peace and happiness, and that when we behave badly towards one another, it's because we are suffering from a loss of these qualities. That doesn't mean I have to invite another person to continue to insult me, or deliberately expose myself to difficulties. But if I happen to be in a situation where there is continuous assault, understanding will contribute to my power to tolerate it and accept it or walk away from it in peace.

Thirdly, real tolerance is that state of fullness, which comes only through the relationship with the Supreme, in which there is no impact from the assaults, other than to provoke a response of wanting to give, like the fruit tree. A culture of tolerance is actually a culture of forgiveness. When we move very far away from God, tolerance levels run low. The nature we express becomes that of wanting, taking, needing, rather than our original nature, which is for giving.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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