Friday, August 6, 2010

The wings of courage and enthusiasm enable one to fly forward.

Message for the day 06-08-2010
To have true faith in oneself is to attain success.

Projection: Sometimes false courage is mistaken as faith. When we take up some task we might be deceived into a feeling of having a lot of courage which makes us over-confident. Then instead of putting in effort to give our best we tend to become careless. Such carelessness will not enable us to achieve easy success.

Solution: We need to check within ourselves and see if we have true faith in ourselves or not. Faith always comes with the recognition of our own specialities. We also need to pay special attention to work towards something that we can achieve. When we do this we will find ourselves succeeding naturally.

Soul Sustenance 06-08-2010
Understanding Fear And Its Effects

The reason we sometimes cannot see the other options, when faced with a challenging situation, is because our deepest learned habit is to create fear and then react from that fear, and it's fear that shuts down our ability to create choices, not to mention paralyzing our ability to assess the strengths and weakness of each option and make the right choice. We have been taught to believe that the fear is normal and natural. But the truth is that the fear paralyses our ability to create what may be much more appropriate and effective responses. Fear is a learned habit and very soon we are generating fearfulness at the slightest perceived threat. Contrary to popular belief, fear has absolutely no value to our well-being. E.g. You don't even need fear to respond effectively to the unexpected encounter with a tiger. You need the cool, calm and concentrated focus of the gymnast and the creativity of the artist to respond effectively. It's not the tiger that scares you, it's what you do with the tiger in your mind that generates the fear. Who or what are the tigers or fears in your life? What are you doing with them in your mind?

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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