Sunday, August 22, 2010

Determination enables us to overcome our weaknesses.

Message for the day 21-08-2010
Determination enables us to overcome our weaknesses.

Projection: When we recognize any weakness of ours, we want to make effort to remove it. But usually we work on it for a few days with great attention. After some time, we find ourselves losing interest and the weakness gets stronger taking hold of us once again. We find ourselves exactly where we had started having no further enthusiasm to work on ourselves.

Solution: In order to overcome any weakness of ours, we need to have a strong aim in our mind to remove it. With this comes the determination to work on it without losing hope. Even if we find ourselves becoming slack, we need to remind ourselves that we don't want that particular weakness in our life. Then we will be able to work at removing the weakness fully.

Soul Sustenance 21-08-2010

Stress Management (cont.)

There are some false beliefs about stress that we have acquired:

"Stress is natural and has a positive part to play in our present day lives"

Truth: The second reason why we feel that stress is normal and don't learn and change is that we have grown to like a 'dose' of fear and a 'quick shot (injection)' of anger. Why? Because these emotions stimulate the production of certain addictive chemicals in our bodies. Many people cannot get through their day without their 'adrenaline dose'. So we go looking for bad situations, for confrontational people, for reasons to become angry, and if we don't get our dose then it feels like something is missing from our day.

To say that stress is normal, that a bit of stress is good, is a neat way of avoiding the inner work of self-responsibility and a sign of lazy thinking. We all learn to think lazily, it is largely an unfortunate consequence of our education (or lack of education) so most of us learn to believe that some stress is good. One thing is for sure, an increasing number of people are waking up to the reality that stress has no part in a fulfilling life and they are doing something about it at the level of their thoughts and feelings.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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