Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The one with true mercy

Message for the day 18-08-2010
The one with true mercy fills hope even in the ones who are hopeless.

Projection: When we see someone who is in need or who is totally negative, a case that is totally hopeless, there are a lot of feelings aroused within us. What we feel is pity or hatred, which are only negative feelings. Such negative thoughts don't help in anyway and the people remains as they are, unable to take any benefit from us.

Solution: Instead of having pity or hatred we need to develop true mercy for others. To have mercy means to have good wishes with love - combined with hope for them. It is our hope that enables them to develop faith in themselves too. This is the method to bring progress even in the most hopeless case.

Soul Sustenance 18-08-2010

Seven Stages of Meditation to Achieve Self Realization

1. Relax your body.

2. Withdraw your attention from everything around you, including your body.

3. Affirm (confirm), using your thoughts, your identity as a soul or spirit, and your nature as peaceful and full of love.

4. Contemplate (think) the knowledge of yourself as a soul, a point of spiritual light, situated in the centre of your forehead.

5. Concentrate attention on yourself as a peaceful, loving being.

6. Experience (visualize) yourself as a soul and acknowledge the feelings of inner peace.

7. Maintain, without force, consciousness (awareness) of yourself as a soul even while in action and while interacting with others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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