Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The fire of anger

Message for the day 23-08-2010
The fire of anger can be cooled with the sprinkling of the cool water of virtues.

Projection: When someone is angry, we come under the influence of the situation and we too get angry. It seems very difficult at that moment to remain cool. With our own anger we find that the other person's anger also increases. But we find that this is not the solution because it doesn't help either of us in anyway.

Solution: Instead of getting angry and aggravating the anger of the other person, we need to instead emerge our qualities or virtues of coolness and peace. We will then find that where anger doesn't work, only the cool water of virtues will help us put off the fire of anger.

Soul Sustenance 23-08-2010

Positive Consciousness While Performing Actions

1. The seeds, the inspirations, planted in sitting meditation should be carried into action. Powerful thoughts carried straight away into action always yield powerful results.

2. The remembrance should be that the soul is the child and student of the Supreme Being (Supreme Soul) and should reflect the father and teacher through its actions.

3. The remembrance of the Supreme Soul as a constant companion sustains an internal relationship with Him whilst performing actions.

4. Churn (think deeply) over points of spiritual knowledge by relating them to your immediate karmas (actions).

5. Practice going beyond sound in one second. At different times during the day, stop, pack up all worldly thoughts and spend a few minutes in meditation. This is a really powerful way to strengthen the intellect. After a few minutes, return to the world of sound with the reinforced awareness of being an actor.

6. Practice seeing all those who come into contact with you as souls, tiny points of conscient (living energy) light situated at the centre of the forehead. In this way we wiII not be pulled into body consciousness, and will avoid negative interactions with others.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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