Monday, August 9, 2010

To have knowledge in the intellect is to be constantly cheerful.

Message for the day 08-08-2010
To have knowledge in the intellect is to be constantly cheerful.

Projection: When something negative happens, we find that there are only negative or waste thoughts about the situation or people. We try hard not to think about it but we find only those thoughts coming to our mind. With such thoughts the situation seems worse than it is and we find it difficult to remain cheerful.

Solution: In such situations instead of trying to cut out waste we need to give ourselves something positive to think about. When the intellect is busy thinking about the positive, there'll be no room for negativity. In this way we will be able to remain constantly cheerful even in the most negative situations.

Soul Sustenance 08-08-2010

The Mind-Body Connection (cont.)

The soul radiates mental energy to each cell of the body, thus the mind is intimately connected with each cell of the physical body. Whatever type of thoughts, emotions, attitudes and memories we have in the mind, the physical body (cells) cannot escape from its effects, good or bad. If we have a negative thought or emotion, negative neuropeptides (neuropeptides were explained yesterday) are formed in the hypothalamus inside the brain and they go to each cell of the body, especially the target organ (the organ which is most susceptible to disease in your body). It leads to release of various stress hormones e.g. epinephrine, nor-epinephrine, cortisol etc. Also the resulting effects are burning of energy and accumulation of catabolic products, toxins, oxidants inside the cells (especially the cells of the target organ) leading to disease.

On the other hand if we have a positive thought or emotion, there is a release of endorphins (morphine like substances released by various cells of the body), enchephalins, melatonin etc. Also the resulting effects are pooling (accumulation) of energy, removal of catabolic products, toxins, production of anti-oxidants leading to feeling of well being, health and happiness.

(The above research has been verified by the medical fraternity of the Brahma Kumaris)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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