Sunday, August 1, 2010

To think less is to remain happy.

Message for the day 01-08-2010
To think less is to remain happy.

 Usually there is a tendency to think more than normal when there is a challenging situation. Although it is considered to be good to think more, we usually miss out on the fact that thinking more means having lots of waste thoughts along with those that are necessary.

When we find ourselves thinking a lot we need to ask ourselves if all these thoughts are really necessary. We need to recognise waste thoughts and replace them with something more positive. With this practice we'll find ourselves thinking less and at the same time having powerful thoughts which will keep us cheerful under all circumstances.

Soul Sustenance 01-08-2010
Self Empowerment

See and know yourself as a source of peace and love.

You are not your body, gender, nationality or profession. You are a spiritual being, a soul and your original nature is peaceful and loving. The only way to convert this belief into experience is through meditation. As you practice meditation and study spiritual knowledge you will increasingly connect to your inner peace which is your inner power. The more the power of your peace is present in your heart the more you are able to give love and support to your self and to others. There cannot be love unless there is peace. If your own heart is not at peace you cannot give love. There are no greater powers in this life than your natural peace and your unlimited love.

Exercise: What do you experience within yourself that is disturbing your peace and blocking the outflow of your love? Recall a time when you felt deeply peaceful – see the scene – feel the peace –now let go of the scene – stay in your peace.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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