Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bringing newness in dealing with life's situations brings happiness.

Message for the day 05-03-2011
Bringing newness in dealing with life's situations brings happiness.

Projection: Unhappiness is experienced when there is no newness in dealing with the variety of life's situations. We continue to think the same way and act in the same way, so we are caught up in the same viscious cycle. We are not able to see anything new in the new situations that come our way. These turn to burdensome thoughts that drain out positive energy.

Solution: I experience a lot of happiness when there is newness brought in responding to situations. The potential and the energy of the mind is channelised in a positive way so there is an experience of fulfillment and satisfaction. The mind is not caught up with negative or waste but is busy trying for the best solutions in all situations, and life itself becomes more beautiful.

Soul Sustenance 05-03-2011

Detached Observation – A Spiritual Skill

Detachment is the basis of our ability to be positive and affectionate with others while we interact with them. This is what is known as commitment and the relationship of detachment and it begins with what is known as a spiritual skill: the skill of being a detached observer.

On needs to be a detached observer in two dimensions: one within and one outside: The inner art of detached observation is the ability of separating ourselves from our own thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behavior. On the external level, the art of detached observation is the art of being witness to the scenes that take place around us. While we detach ourselves and observe how the game of life develops, without being active participants, we are able to see the "big picture" with greater clarity. That makes it easier to see clearly what role we have to play and where our contribution lies. We are creators, and our thoughts, emotions and attitudes are our own work.

In reality, detached observation is the first step towards personal strengthening. If we don't manage to detach ourselves from our thoughts and emotions, they will turn into our owners and will consume our energy.

For the practice of meditation it is essential that you act as a witness of everything you think and feel, and, once some time has passed, you will find that the practice simultaneously frees you and offers power.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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