Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where there is faith there is victory

Message for the day 16-03-2011
Where there is faith there is victory

Projection: When we lack faith, first in ourselves we are assailed with doubts and questions about the self, others or situations. This doubt makes us lose the most important resource of our life – our thoughts. We are not able to think well and make the right decisions. So victory eludes us and we further develop negative feelings.

Solution: When I have faith, I experience myself to be lucky and thus receive cooperation from many others. I am able to see and understand simple things in life with newness, thus showing me the direction and courage to go on. I am successful at every step. There is then no worry for me and am untroubled by aspects that keep changing around me. My thoughts then would always be positive and I experience victory.

Soul Sustenance 16-03-2011

Meditation - A Process Of "Cleansing", "Dialogue" And "Joining"

Meditation can be defined as a process of cleansing, a process of dialogue and a process of joining. Today we take up:


Meditation is a useful method to help human beings redirect their life positively and healthily, and to achieve inner stability. The word meditation comes from the Latin word "mederi", which means "cure". Curing the inner self is not a matter of taking medicines, but it involves re-establishing the balance through knowing oneself, having the correct attitudes and making the correct use of mental and emotional energy.

In meditation, we learn to observe our inner self and recover the resources that can cleanse (heal) and harmonize us: peace, love, truth, wisdom, purity and happiness. Through concentrated thought we learn to let these positive and pure energies manifest (show) themselves in our conscience and in our day-to-day actions.

(To be continued tomorrow….)

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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