Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silence enables one to listen to the solution for handling situations.

Message for the day 13-03-2011
Silence enables one to listen to the solution for handling situations.

Projection: In challenging situations, we normally tend to think a lot in order to find the right solution. But we find that the more we think, the more we are far from finding the solution. The mind continues to think negative and waste, making us go round in circles. So we are not really able to bring any concrete answers to our problem or challenge.

Solution: Inner silence means an inner state of calm, which allows the best to come from within. When I am able to experience inner silence, or an inner state of calm in all situations, I am able to be free from problems, because I will not have the feeling of having a problem. Instead there will only be a feeling of having a solution and the confidence in doing the right thing. I will be able to use the best of my talent, creativity and inner power to do what has to be done.

Soul Sustenance 13-03-2011

Self Realization (cont.)

People affected by anger lose their temper and become excited at the slightest provocation. Yet, when the event is over they find "peace" in going back to their normal nature. The same applies to all the other vices (greed, ego, lust and attachment), which are at the root of all emotional disturbances, strains, tensions and imbalances. This indicates that the vices are not the original nature of the soul.

If the soul thinks about its original nature and does everything with the realization "I am a soul, not a body," its original qualities reappear naturally. They are its basic values. It is worthless seeking them externally. It is like the musk deer running after the sweet smell of musk, unaware that it is coming from its own navel. Peace of mind is the soul's property. It automatically flows from within it once it is soul-conscious.

The soul only has to let its original "sanskaras" become thoughts and keep them flowing. Whatever thoughts are in its mind that is the state it experiences. Soul-conscious thoughts bring peace of mind. Body-conscious thoughts disturb the soul. It is the soul who decides what state of mind to experience. It can either be peaceful, or in peacelessness. It is the soul who has the power of decision. The situation should not dictate to the soul.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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