Friday, March 11, 2011

To be careless means to misuse specialities.

Message for the day 11-03-2011
To be careless means to misuse specialities.

Projection: Most of the times, we are careless which means there is no awareness of one's specialities and so there is the inability to use them for the benefit of the self and for the good of others. Sometimes there is also a tendency to become overconfident because of these specialities and not to work on self-transformation. When we become careless in this way, we are not able to recognize the need for self-change and so we are not able to bring about transformation.

Solution: When I am able to be free from carelessness, I am able to understand the importance of the specialities that I have, and am able to use every speciality that I have. The more I am able to bring out and use the latent specialities that are within me, I am able to experience quick transformation and constant progress.

Soul Sustenance 11-03-2011

What Is True Love? (A Spiritual Perspective)

Emotional love can flower into true love when the fire of emotions cools down and is substituted by a wiser and more mature relationship. True love needs a fresh and renewing atmosphere, without fears.

When you feel spiritually full, you feel flowing over with pleasure, happiness, wellbeing, and that state helps you to accept the one whom you love as they are, because from your fullness you give and share and you don't need or expect anything from the other. While you need something that you want the other to satisfy, you will have expectations and the fear that those needs might not be satisfied, and you will get frustrated more easily. When you feel like a being of peace, a being of love, a tranquil being, a being that is spiritually full and satisfied, your relationship with others is a relationship of sharing on a level on which fear is not generated. You are not asking for or taking anything from the other. An elevated sharing of love, of happiness, of knowledge, of wisdom takes place, in which you do not generate a dependency on the other.

Attachments and dependencies, fears and insecurity, block our experience of love, of peace, serenity, freedom, happiness. When you have a feeling of love that takes you to a state of joy, to wholeness, but then you attach yourself to the object of your love, be it a person, or a property, automatically the feeling changes into fear: you fear to lose the object of your love and, instead of feeling wholeness and enjoyment, you feel fear. Over time that attachment turns into a dependency and you start to become inwardly empty: that is, your energy level goes down.

Love in its purest form is a like a spring that pours forth for the benefit of others. Learn the art of loving, being free and allowing to be. Pure, true, love is an unconditional love that flows freely. Do not cling (hold on to). Love does not cling.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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