Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A single positive thought can make the mind powerful.

Message for the day 29-03-2011
A single positive thought can make the mind powerful.

Projection: When a negative thought comes in my mind regarding the self, another person or a situation, the mind is usually filled with a lot more negative thoughts. Lots of thoughts from the past too come up in the mind, which further take the mind towards negativity.

Solution: I need to take up the challenge of creating a positive thought even in the most negative situation. Doing this will help me break the cycle of negativity. The positive thought that I take need not be connected to the present situation, but it could be any thought that will take me towards positivity.

Soul Sustenance 29-03-2011

A Basic Meditation For Beginners (cont.)

Referring to yesterday's meditation, when you sit to meditate, choose the quietest and most peaceful place you can find, either in your home or in your office or anywhere else, preferably in a place that you do not use very often. If this isn't possible, sit where the objects in the room around you won't divert your attention. If you can, set this place aside purely for the purpose of meditation. You could also choose to sit in the proximity (closeness) of nature. Start with ten or fifteen minutes. Then gradually increase the time. Soft or subdued lighting will help as will some soft background music of your choice.

The basic meditation, explained yesterday, is simple to do, relaxing and energizing, and easy to integrate into your busy schedule, whether at your workplace or home. All you need are three or four minutes anywhere, any time. Note, how you consciously use your mind to relax your body. Once your body is relaxed, it allows you to give your mind with positive, unbroken attention. The more you practice this meditation, the easier it becomes. Eventually you won't need to work through your body, muscle by muscle - it will relax almost instantly with just one thought. This basic mind-body relaxation experience is the foundation for advanced and deeper meditations.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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